People WhoCare

People Who Care is a group that helps provide vital support to those in our church family and the community who are dealing with the difficult challenge of care giving for a loved one.

In cooperation with the Family Caregiver Support Center at USC, our group meets monthly to provide information, develop care giving skills, give mutual support and encourage the well-being of both the caregiver and the patient. Yvonne Kuo is our facilitator from the USC Family Caregiver Support Center who shares her skills, important information, resources, and support.

We work to help caregivers develop new ways to take care of themselves by using what we call new tools that have been helpful to us. Our goal is to let people know that support is available, where to look for that help, and to know that someone who has been through this journey cares and will listen when they need to express what they are feeling. As we have learned, oftentimes the caregiver will become ill or overwhelmed from exerting their efforts on others and not getting enough help and rest for themselves or simply by not knowing when or how to ask for help.

The group has been a life-changing resource over the years for many on the journey of caring for a loved one at home or when the loved one needs to be placed in a care facility. We meet the 4th Thursday of the month in the Fireside Room and always welcome new members. For more information, please call the Church office at (562) 420-3393.