SpringSaleTGIF stands for Thanking God in Senior Fellowship. The purpose of TGIF is to provide a pleasant, informative, and spiritual fellowship ambiance for the over 55 year-old population. Luncheon programs are held eight times per year and activities in the past have included:

  • “Transition from Business to being a Pastor” (Rev. Pat Thompson)
  • Special Recital and Power Point presentation (Julie Metz, violinist/educator & Ralph Alberstrom, pianist)
  • “My Heart’s Delight” (Dr. Jamie H.J. Ro, pianist, with Maria Del Pilar & Shannon Kauble, vocalists)
  • “Evangelism…it’s not what you think” (Doris Thompson)
  • Music Therapy (Lisa Jackert)
  • Sweet Adeline’s Quartet (Janie Wolicki)
  • Traveling to China with Randy & Carol Tubbs
  • Pre-School Christmas Program (Stephanie Daniels)

TGIF (Thanking God in Senior Fellowship) is back and we hope you can join us! We’ll  meet on September 23 to hear Mert Perisko’s Personal Diary of her visit to Cuba. Luncheon & program will be held in the Saul Ministry Center at 11:30 AM.

For lunch reservations, please call Joan Schwing or Angelique Skourtas. The TGIF list will be called by the Telephone Team.  If you wish to be on the list, please tell Joan when you sign in.