My granddaughter has been attending for a year and we love this school. The director and teachers are very caring and the students are eager to learn. My granddaughter LOVES to go to school. What better start could you ask for?

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Grace First Presbyterian Church Preschool is to support the community by establishing an affordable, high quality education and care program for young children, in a nurturing Christian environment.

Our Philosophy

We believe that all children have a natural desire to play, to explore to learn and to express themselves as individuals. As children engage in their environments, they strive to understand the world and all its properties and mysteries. As they grow, children develop relationships with peers and adults and learn to communicate, to express themselves and their ideas. Their engagement in their environment and relationships with others are experiences that help children build on their understanding of the world and their place in it. At Grace First Presbyterian Church Preschool we want children to explore actively, to express themselves freely, to think critically, to work collaboratively and to live joyfully.

Grace First Presbyterian Church Preschool believes that:
Each child is a unique gift.
• Each child is highly capable.
• Each child should have the opportunity to discover, explore, and to express their curiosity.
• Each child has a right to be valued and respected for who they are.
• Each child should explore materials and share experiences.
• Each child should make discoveries that build knowledge, awareness, and skills.
• Each child should have the opportunities to share their ideas and feelings, and to listen to others.
• Each child should learn to resolve conflicts and to develop compassion.
• Each child, through their interactions with others, will develop trust and confidence.